Summer time: The shower side of the summer…

Summer is still there, but about to finish! Well there are few days left on this month of  August which is in some country in Europe the most popular month for being on holidays.
Sunny days, populated beaches, crowded discos, hot places to visit under a bright sun: so we are all sweating… and ready to take a shower… and this occurs several time a  day. What an opportunity to make “friends” under a refreshing flow of water, and help them to soap and wash their hot body.
To illustrate these sexy side of the shower the song Live your Dreams of Antoine Clamaran, a French DJ, is well adapted, and the boys under th shower are some nice models. You will recognize Eugen Bauder among them.
The video: Live Your Dreams, Live Our Dream
The Clip is dedicated to a good friend of mine on YouTube, Yoann, a nice and charming Youtuber with whom I like to joke about shower …

Some pictures from the videos:

Eugen Bauder, German model, for XGT underwear campaign
Eugen Bauder , German model, for XTG underwear  campaign
Eugen Bauder, German model, for XTG underwear campaign
Ambrose Olsen, Fashion model, (Died , april 2010)


Pictures not edited in the video (Director’s Cuts)

For some reasons (obvious in some cases haha!) the following pictures were not included in the video, but could have be..


<br />


10 thoughts on “Summer time: The shower side of the summer…

  1. Hi Sloan,
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful video with me
    You Kknow that I like your work,
    You full everything that you makes of love and tender. and that you makes very special.


  2. I like your blog very much and started 1 my self.
    Lovely to do. You know me from YT channel Streakbear and channel Singleyer. You find my different. And yes my dear I am. That is why my work is not the same as all the others. Glad you lke it as well.
    Kisses YER


  3. Sloan, my angel
    You know how I adore your work and this is more special. It's dedicated to baby Yoann.
    Your blog is fantastic. Thank you for introduce it to me.
    Much love for you
    Yours always


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