HOT MEN in underwear: Part V

Ashtyn Long, an angel face and a so hot body! (Click to enlarge)


This is a new series of men and their teasing underwears. …


Unknown model, in white undies …and what a  body! (Click to enlarge)


Andre Ziehe, male model and long legs… (Click to enlarge)


Antonio Anuk, flexible and  hot body! (Click to enlarge)


Ashtyn Long, hot and wet masculine body! (Click to enlarge)


Minimalist undies…  (Click to enlarge)


Caio Ferraz byVand Rodriguez from Brazil with love!  (Click to enlarge)


Caio Ferraz byVand Rodriguez a young Brazilian guy  (Click to enlarge)


Sportsman, teasing…  (Click to enlarge)


French male model by Fred Goudon.   (Click to enlarge)


Do not disturb, except if important…   (Click to enlarge)


Davi Shane Alvarado by Thomas Symnnamon…   (Click to enlarge)


Frederico Amoroso for American Apparel  (Click to enlarge)


Francesco Lachowski  (Click to enlarge)


Justin Z.  by  Michael A Downs  (Click to enlarge)


Kaylan Falgoust  by Rick Day  (Click to enlarge)


Mateus Guiguet  from Brazil   (Click to enlarge)


Matthew Evangeliste by Joseph Bleu (Click to enlarge)


Unknown model in underwear (Click to enlarge)


Male Model with (and soon without) underwear …  (Click to enlarge)


Young model and his bicycle…  (Click to enlarge)

6 thoughts on “HOT MEN in underwear: Part V

  1. I love the boy young model and his bicycle , he is so cute, I love to see him half naked he looks good, I would love to see him naked


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