This picture for DNA Magazine (Aus) makes Nick Ayler famous … one can easily understands why! (click on image to expand)          
Hey Girls! (If there is any reading my blog. ha ha!) you are lucky Nick Ayler declared in an interview that he poses for Gay Mags like DNA, he has a very open mind but he is definitively straight. But he doesn’t care if boys hit him, he is okay with that…
Another picture of him for DNA (click on image to expand)
Another shot for DNA magazine (click on image to expand)                
Nick Ayler, born in 1987, in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, is an American model.
Growing up, Ayler had moved 18 different times during high school, middle school, and grade school, so he had never had the time to take a serious effort and put it towards his dream of one day being a model.
Nick Ayler by Rick Day (click on image to expand)
In 2008, Ayler, was finally ready. He has done campaigns for “Abercrombie & Fitch”, “TYORI menswear”, “Apple”, as well as gracing the pages of numerous magazines including “DNA”, “Mens Exercise”, and “Bello”, just to name a few. He’s also made appearances in movies such as “Holy Rollers” and “Fighting”, and TV shows such as “Army Wives” and “Mercy”.
Nick Ayler, American model (click on image to expand)

Aside from modeling, Ayler’s other passion is music. He’s been a deejay since he was 14, having traveled up and down the east coast displaying some of his mixing, MC, and crowd controlling abilities. He’s a fluent dancer in jazz, hip-hop, tap and a 7-year veteran drummer — so keeping a beat to any type of music, is what he does.

Nick Ayler, American model (click on image to expand)

Some characteristics he would use to describe himself: punctual, determined, ambitious, out-going, and open-minded.

Nick Ayler, American model (click on image to expand)

Here an interview with this young hottie, exclusive for THE MALE COUPLE

Even when you are straight is good that you say yes to this interview for THE MALE COUPLE and show people tolerance and no discrimination, after all you have a lot of gay fans and followers.
I feel as if every interview should be just as important as the next. Whether it is CNN, NBC, or for a newspaper, an interview is an interview that lets ones fans see a different side of them. A side of them that is much more personable. No one can legitimately say they know someone because of their photos only. Looks are only skin deep, its’s inside that counts and that is why I love modeling. Modeling will get you to a certain point because of your looks, but it’s your personality that will take you above and beyond.

Nick Ayler, American model (click on image to expand)

Have you ever heard that comment from people very often, do you like to hear that and how do you feel when people even men appreciate your beauty?
I tend to hear it quite a bit. But it nothing grabs my attention like a confident girl, who knows what she wants. A girl who is able to come up and talk to you and say hello, a girl to let you know she is interested and not shy. It’s not always the guy’s responsibility to make the first move. We live in a society that tends to change by the month. As for guys trying to hit on me, I respect everyone and anyone, no matter whom they are. However, RESPECT is a big word, and I am as straight as they come. So with that being said, a wife is something in mind in the future, after I have become established in my career of course.

Nick Ayler, American model (click on image to expand)

Do you consider very open mind like to pose for a gay magazine like other models or celebrities like David Beckham?
I believe posing for any magazine, whether it is gay or straight is exposure. Exposure is always needed for promotion and marketing. That’s how people become well known throughout the industry; there are Gay, Strait, & Bi industry professionals that sit at some of the most respected jobs in today’s entertainment world. Orientation, ethnicity, whatever the case may be, Exposure is exposure. To say one does not like a magazine because it is gay oriented, or black oriented, is completely judgmental. People will look at a magazine because they tend to either like the style or the people in the magazine.

Nick Ayler, American model (click on image to expand)

Would you pose naked for a magazine, did you have offers like that or have you ever consider making it?
I would pose nude if it was done tastefully and no frontal nudity. I don’t believe its something that is “essential” for ones look book, portfolio, or anything else along those lines to benefit someone. It’s not something I would be interested in doing, but I have thought about it with many offers from various people.

Nick Ayler, American model (click on image to expand)
Nick Ayler, American model (click on image to expand)

Why did you decide to be a model? Did people tell you that you should be?
I was approached by a retired photographer while I was working one evening. I thought about it for a few nights than took him up on the offer and everything had happened from there on out

Nick Ayler, American model (click on image to expand)
Nick Ayler, American model (click on image to expand)

 Did you consider another profession before to try in the model industry?
I was initially going to school for criminal justice, Than after switching my major to Business Management, & Hospitality Management, I realized what truly made me happy and meeting new people, making everything out of nothing, going above and beyond of others expectations, and being productive.

Nick Ayler, American model (click on image to expand)
Nick Ayler, American model (click on image to expand)
Nick Ayler, American model (click on image to expand)
Nick Ayler, American model (click on image to expand)

Hey Nick, if you ever need a place to stay in L.A. just give me a call.  I don’t actually live there, but I would easily move there to build our relationshiop and get us set up together in a great pad on Venice Beach.  One bedroom of course, it just makes sense.  Your girlfriend can sleep in the doghouse out back OK?  She’ll love what the fresh air will do for her skin I think.  I’ll feed you tea and oranges as we listen to The Doors on the front balcony overlooking the beach, and I’ll feed her some fuzzy blue toast and week-old cheese curds with a busted police radio to keep her occupied.  Everybody wins!

Nick Ayler, American model (click on image to expand)


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