Joshua Kloss or Josh Kloss is an American actor who is also modelling.
He is 29 years old . He was born in Portland Oregon.
Josh is single and his dating if any remain unknown.

He was made famous in acting in the Katy Perry video clip “Teenager Dream”.

As model he works for – Pinkerton Model Agency (Hollywood) – FORD Models (Paris) – RED Models (New York)

Height : 6’2″
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel

Interview: (source Poney Ride)

Question: Let’s start by talking about your acting career, Josh. How do you work on your acting skills, do you have a coach?
Josh Kloss: No coach right now, I know I will want the help for big films.  But I also truly believe all the feelings and emotions I need are within me right now. I’ve spent most of my life studying human nature via being a loner and now I’m more than ready to share what I’ve learned with the world on camera.

Q: What type of roles do directors and producers associate you with?
JK: Leading man, all characters.

Q: What is your ultimate goal in the film industry?
JK: Well, so far it’s as simple as showing the world I have what it takes, but I don’t set ultimate goals anymore just short ones I know I can achieve.

Q: Do you think that modeling is helping you develop your career in acting?
JK: Absolutely, It has given me huge opportunity, it’s allowed me to travel and meet many more personalities. And modeling has helped me free up the movement of my body and given me permission to express feelings to an audience.

Q: So we can’t skip the question about your video with Katy Perry, “Teenage Dream” – how did that come about?
JK: I went on an audition with hundreds of guys, which Is normal and then forgot about it when I left the building which is normal.   A few weeks later out of nowhere I was waiting at MILK studios LA for Katy to meet me.  I didn’t have a clue what to expect but then she walked in. Entourage in tow Katy shook my hand, tilted her sunglasses down to look me in the eyes and the rest is history.

Q: You kissed Katy! What do you fancy the most about her?
JK: Her ability to block out fear and get lost in a moment.  We wound up singing a worship song together from our youth in that old Beamer.  That ‘s not what people expect to hear I’m sure, but for me I’m more moved by the heart than looks.


Q: Could we catch you singing Teenage Dream or any other song by Katy?
JK: Depends where you catch me! I’d have to say “Teenage dream” but I want to say “Firework”. There I said them both.

Q: You sure did Josh… So… Who was your teenage dream?
JK: Heidi Klum hands down, she still lights up the world

Q: You looked great in the video, and on all your photos. How do you work out?
JK: Thanks, super intense weight training, throw in all my pain into every rep, and very little cardio, I’m too tired for much by the end of a weight day anyways.  You can really get a great cardiovascular workout through intense weight training with shorter rest periods. I want to be clear though that I don’t think I am a trainer or fitness professional.

Q: Kentucky Fried Chicken, Josh, really? But that is so… bad for you! How are you finding balance between unhealthy food and your sculpted body? Do you pay attention to your diet at all?
JK: Chicken has protein! I enjoy KFC to no end it seems but you don’t have to eat all that skin, and after a killer workout those mashed potatoes help, believe it or not. So the answer is yes I always keep an eye on my diet especially if it’s not the healthiest food, that way I know what I have to burn off.

Q: What do you think about the problem of obesity in America? What would you say is the solution to this?
JK: It’s heartbreaking and for me a physical manifestation of the unhappiness spread deep in so many Americans hearts.  I don’t really know how to fix the underlying problem.   But I believe the first solution that should be mandated is healthier fast-food joints, no joke!

Q: Your ideal breakfast is…
JK: My Ideal is oatmeal, raisins, and smoked salmon. My favorite is McDonalds breakfast, sorry.

Q: Could you become a vegetarian?
JK: If we run out if cows and chickens of course. I need to study the health benefits though because I wouldn’t mind being healthier and saving some animals in the process

Q: Name 3 things that can seduce you?
JK: Long hair, intent, a kiss

Q: How taken are you?
JK: I was taken and I was taken advantage of.

Q: What is your greatest fear?
JK: Roller coasters

Q: What is next for you, Josh?
JK: As far as modeling campaigns look out for Christian Lacroix, Impetus underwear, L’Bel, Velez. And I’ll leave everything else for surprise!

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