No  special message with this post. Just a collection of gorgeous young guys I have retrieve from my hard drive and that I want to share with you. No hidden message just a celebration of the male beauty of these almost naked guys who are for most of them in their twenties.  I hope you will share the feeling of how is cool to just look at them… 😉

Smooth and sweet behind the sheet

Harvey Haydon, wet and energetic

A guy with great body and teasing look

Waiting in the bathroom

Adrien Bruner, eyes and lips so attractive

Simone, Federico and Eugenio, three Italian cuties.

Matthew Evangelisti, beautiful!

Harvey Haydon, the guy with the tattoos

Michael Pollinger from Austria

Gorgeous Nathan Owens on the beach

Young and sweet Ralf Javoiss

Ralf Javoiss was discovered by the photographer Saverio Cardia, he likes extreme sports and he is a great acrobatic cyclist. He was born in Riga, in Latvia (Eastern Europe).

This hot men is Sergi Carvajal
Sergi Carvajal by Marcos Domingo Sanchez
Thomas Isermann is a German model

Young model in jeans

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