Sports is still a bastion for homophobia… but things are changing and some sportsmen are courageous enough to come out.
Anton Hysen
For the viewers who like to read some interesting things about that, I have selected some part of an interview of a Swedish soccer player who came out and still very active on the sports scene and who participate to the TV Show “Let’s Dance”.
Anton Hysén to talk about the year of wild activity that has passed since he came out as a gay professional soccer player.
– Why do you think that so few professionals in the world of sport have chosen to come out?
– Everyone is so afraid for their career, Anton says. They think that they will loose sponsors and their contract with their club. And they are afraid of the reactions they will get. But if they are good in their chosen sport, why do they care?
– The way people talk about homosexuality in the world of sports is different nowadays. Not only in England but also in the USA where, for example, the ice hockey guys in the NHL started a campaign against homophobia. Straight guys that say “who cares if someone is gay or not” are needed!
Even though Anton, after coming out, immediately became a spokes person for gay rights, he was a bit reluctant to have this role as well as attending major Pride events. A year after, is that still true?
– I will always help out by talking and doing whatever I have time for, but I will not walk with some flag in a Pride parade. That is not my thing. It is good that there are parades, and people are different, but I do feel that my place is on a stage where I can answer questions about sports and homophobia.
One thing about coming out that really is important for him are the letters he receives from young gay guys.
– I got one from a guy who was thinking about ending his life, but thanks to me and the fact I came out of the closet he changed his direction in life- That is hard to take in. That is big.
So Anton, what about love and relationship!
– I do not date, he says in QX. And right now I am not interested in meeting someone. I think it is hard. It only feels like… I don’t know. It is hard.
– What kind of guys do you like?
– Never anyone Swedish… I mean the Swedish look. I like American guys with dark hair, dark eyes, tattoos and muscles. I do not really like the “gay look” and I have said that I don’t want a gay man on the “gay scene”.. but here I am right in the middle of it, so that might be hard. But right now I am not looking for anything and I do not have a requirements list. If it comes, it comes.
The TV-show Let’s Dance has made him more famous than ever in Sweden. And he does notice that people recognize him more often nowadays.
– Do you feel that you always have to be nice when people come up to you?
– If you are nice to me I will be nice to you. If you have bad attitude I will have one as well.
From his soccer kit to the tight pants in competition dancing is a bit of a change of style. But Anton likes it.
– It feels cool to be a part of Let’s Dance and move around in these tight trousers, he says to QX with a laugh.
– And the guys in your team, how do they react?
– “Are you going to wear those tight asspants when you play from now on?”, he quotes the guys and laughs.
Tight pants reveals the shape of his body and the day after the first show the Swedish Tabloids had pictures and comments of his behind as top news.
– What is the secret behind your buttocks?
– 15 years of soccer, he answer. OK, not everyone is born with a bubblebutt. My brother has the same, our asses stand out as you might say.
– How did you react to all the stories in the tabloids?
– I did not think so much about it. People tried to get me angry by calling it sexism, for God’s sake, it is only a butt. “What’s the big deal, Who gives a shit”.
The hottest single man in Sweden is the new favorite in the popular Let’s Dance show. And we think he’ll go far. Maybe make it to the final…
‘Source of the interview:  QX Magazine website ( CLICK HERE)

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