Diego Miguel a Brazilian model is part of the casting of this very sensual and artistic video based on the song of Thomas Harley and directed by Sandro Supping.



Back Room Students is an electronic music project created by New York City native Thomas Hurley.

Take me , Gay , nude men

Coming out, drug addiction, and relationship issues between men are all themes you will find in his work. The lyrical content of his songs is drawn from his experiences as man living in a city where boys and men from across the country and the world come to find themselves or live in anonymity.




Thomas Hurley work in this project focuses on the darker truths many of these individuals cope with. Truths shared by friends, lovers, fathers and sons. Truths experienced in honest and open moments. It is the vulnerability of these men that gave Hurley the inspiration to write.

The desire to give these stories a platform which others can listen to and in some way, perhaps, feel connected since it is the things we hide the most that sometimes connect us as men.

He identifies men as all being Back Room Students. It is in the back rooms of bars, the back rooms of their lives, the back rooms of their minds, where they hide themselves, and find themselves.


Diego Miguel is a quite famous Brazilian model, and he is very active in the worldwide scene of the fashion industry.

He ranks in the TOP 50 of the most successful men models


Austrian born Sandro Suppnig brings his multi-cultural and refined sensibility to the worlds of Film, Fashion and Advertising.
Educated in Paris and Los Angeles at the Université Paris Dauphine and at UCLA School for Film, Theater &Television, Sandro is fluent in 4 languages (German, English, French and Italian).
In the past, he was involved in the production of global advertising campaigns for fashion brands such as Missoni, Alessandro dell’Acqua, Dsquared, Pepe Jeans, Energie and Miss Sixty.
In 2010 he founded Magellan Films Inc., a New York based production company, with the goal to develop stories that impact.
He is based in Manhattan and divides his time between New York, Los Angeles and Paris.

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