The reasons to share this video:

First the clip is supported by the song of the French composer Michel Berger, who is in my opinion a major French artsit, unfortunately he is gone. This song is about Diego, a young opponent of the political power of an undisclosed country. By his name Diego, one can imagine the country he wants.

The actual name of the song is “Diego, libre dans sa tête”, i.e. “Diego, free in his mind”.

The clip also includes some trailer from a major movie at the end of the 70’s, Midnight Express, directed by Alan Parker and starring Brad Davis, an American actor who died from overdose as he was suffering from AIDS, in 1991. Brad Davis is Billy Hayes, a young American student sent to a Turkish prison for trying to smuggle hashish out of Turkey.

Finally even if the song is about political repression, I have used this idea to remind that sexual preference when it comes to same sex, is not totally accepted in our society. And it is still worth to fight for this Freedom!


Note: If you have trouble watching the video as it does not flow smoothly, I suggest you first launch the video, then click on the stop button ‘II’, wait few minutes and click on the play ‘>’ button again once the video is fully loaded.



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9 thoughts on “DIEGO, THE PRISONER

  1. brad davis was my god when I was a kid.
    I cried for weeks when he died.
    now I,m older I don’t have a chance in hell to sample a brad.


  2. I was always fascinated by Brad Davis. First off, he had a smouldering and yet somewhat vulnerable sexuality I found very appealing. Secondly, he did seem to become involved in movies with strong homoerotic undertones to them (Midnight Express, Querelle). I believe he was also — given the era — quite openly gay and sadly died from AIDS in the early 80’s.

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    1. thanks, by the wayI made the video for YouTube and when released there was some frontal nudity but YouTube censored it, so I made a softer version (this one) but it was censored again… anyway if I can do it again I will include everything! thanks again for watching and commenting 😉

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        1. The images are from the movie “Midnight Express” (1978) directed by Alan Parker staring Brad Davis. I recommand to watch this thriller movie. xo xo


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