Alfred Kovac was born in Subotica, Serbia.  Serbia is a Republic located in Central Europe, and was part of the former Yugoslavia. Subotica ( Суботиц) is city of about 150,000 inhabitants very close to the Hungarian border.

Serbian Model

Alfred as many teenagers of his country is a football (soccer)  fan, but he also played as professional. Following the path of his sister who was a successful former model, he recently entered the fashion industry world as model in 2011, and his name is raising fast. He  has already  worked for the famous names, specially in Milan with Dolce & Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli, Zegna, Moschino, and Emporio Armani. He was featured in editorials in magazine like Hercules, Chaos Magazine, DSection magazine, Citizen K International, Vogue Hommes Japan, GQ China, Kurv Magazinz

Alfred was born in Subotica on April 12, 1991, he has a dark blond hair, hazel eyes, and he is 188 cm tall (6’2″).

His mother agency is Fox Model Agency, and works with Success Models in Paris, Fashion in Milan, View in Barcelona and Kult Model Agency in Germany.

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