2012, Happy to be Gay:

This is the last post of the year for this blog, and it is a message of love. Few pictures to celebrate a year where step by step the gay community has seen some progress in the acceptance by the rest of the population of their diversity.

In 2012, Same sex marriage has made some progress and more to come:

To love, to be loved and to marry the same sex people is now recognized in more and more places on our planet. Soon next year France and United Kingdom will legalized same sex marriage, this year the re- election of President Obama was also a clear message from the American citizen that gay marriage is more widely accepted in the United States and already 9 states jurisdiction recognize it. Around the world in 11 states, the same sex marriage is legal, and in some it is recognized even if not performed, which means that it can be performed in an other country and then be recognized (these are some Brazilian states, Mexico, Israel, and 2 US states).

Welcome 2013:

So let’s see these nice pictures of guys in love to celebrate these progress and hope for more , with French and British joining soon in 2013.

men together

men together

Nude men, gay love

gay men, tender love, nude guys

men together Dan Skinner

Men_Together Corbin Fisher

Men_Together, nude men

Men_Together, nude men

Mentogether_Couple Sur escalier shirtless men, hot boys

Mentogether_ gay Couple nude  men, hot boys

Mentogether_ gay Couple nude  men, hot boys

Tender_mentogether_ shirtless boys


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