sportsmen kissing
Kurt Kuschela kisses his teammate Peter Kretchmer

Her is a series of pictures of some declared gay sportsmen and also some of models who like to pose as sportsmen in quite provocative attitude. When I mean provocative I want to say a bit sexual, like guys who use their sex-appeal to attract the attention of the viewers. And they perfectly know that most of them are gay! So I don’t say they are themselves gay , but at least gay friendly.

It’s time to see these guys and enjoy !

Boxing sxey guys
Closely Boxing
American Football sexy players
Touching the cute footballer
Sexy sportsmen
Wrestler Orlando Jordan and his boyfriend
Us divers cute
American Divers, great friendship!
Orlando Cruz Puerto Rico
Orlando Cruz, from Puerto Rico, a boxer who came out

Orlando Cruz is a Puerto Rican professional boxer born on July 1981 ( 32 y/o now), he is the first boxer to come out while still in activity. He declared his homosexuality on October 2012, and did it in stating : “I have and will always be a proud Puerto Rican. I have always been and always will be a proud gay man”. Since then he won several fights.

Soccer player, very sexy
Soccer player / Marco Carocari
Aussie Swimmers
Aussie swimmers
Sexy swimmers in underwear
French Swimmers Team for HOM underwear
Nude soccer player
Cute (and nude) Soccer Player
Sexy rugby players
Melbourne Rugby Team Players
Cute wrestler player
Cute and Young Wrestler

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