Dominc Acosta, male model
Dominic Acosta by Joseph Lally

Leo Dominic Acosta,  is a new male fashion model, we know very little about him. This typical American guy is from California (USA), He grownup in Watsonville  a city in Santa Cruz County. the town is quite small with its  population of 51,199. Located on the central coast of California, the economy centers predominantly around the farming industry. Dominic went to Watsonville Hugh School and was an active player of Football, Lacrosse.
With a well shaped body by his football training, Dominic Acosta entered the modeling career few years ago and was shoot by famous photographers: Jospeh Bleu, Joseph Lally or Justin Violini.  Some of them released editorials or fashion catalogs where Dominic plays a prominent role. Here are some of the shoots:

Dominic Acosta, Californian male model
Dominic Acosta by Joseph Bleu
Dominic Acosta  hot male from California
Dominic by Justin Violini
Domininc Acosta in mesh top tank, sexy
Another shoot of Dominic by Justin Violini
Diminic Acosta nude
By Justin Violini
Dominic Acosta taking his shirt off by Justin Violini
By Justin Violini
Dominic Acosta lying shirtless on a sofa
Dominic Acosta
Dominic Acosta in jeans and without a shirt
Dominic by Joe Lally again
Male model lying down in yellow shorts
By Joseph Lally
Dominic male model showing his pubes
By Joseph Lally

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