Ryan Guzman is a Texan, born in Abilene (TX, USA). This pretty guy started modeling for Abercrombie & Fitch and Reedbok at the age of 19 while he was still a student in a Sacramento College. He was practicing baseball, and martial arts and fighting in MMA.

At the age of 23 he moved to Los Angeles modeling for Wilhelmina and at the same time took acting classes as his will was to switch from model to actor.
A year later he signed with Luber Roklin Entertainment Management and got his first big role in a dance movie ‘Sexy Dance 4 – Set Up Revolution’  which is a franchise of ‘Set Up’ starring Channing Tatum.

Set Up Revolution , the first major role for Ryan Guzman as dancer

In 2013 he was casted in 5 episodes of the TV Series ‘Pretty Little Liars’ playing the character Jake. He is also the main character Brett in a comedy ‘Ladies’ Man : A Made Movie’ . On July 2013 was released April Rain where he is Alex the main role of this action movie.

Ryan Guzman in Set Up Revolution
Ryan Guzman / Set Up Revolution still picture

In the movie he plays the role of Sean who is most of the time seen shirtless, Ryan said that he feels like  Sean character but he would be wearing clothes sometimes!
Ryan is suprised to see that that for his first big movie is attracting the attention of fans calling him already a heartthrob, mostly girls, but also some men! Ryan for the time being is single but he said that he is out for any girl out there that wants to talk to him… but what about men? ah ah ah!
if you are a girl and want to please to Ryan , you need to have the sense of humor, and not trying to flirt too much and not to think she (or he?) is too hot. He kind of like shy girl even timid one.

Ryan has also few important movies on his agenda which will be released in 2014. His career seems taking the right path! But his ultimate goal is to become a director…

Ryan Guzman
Hot guy, gay
Ryan Guzman


  1. I wish I slept with him. I always have watched the movie called “Set Up Revolution” often lately because he is m y type. Yes, he is so HOT and SEXY guy!

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