Here an interesting gay side of the Orthodox Church: a calendar isuued by the Romenian Chuch for the Year 2014. It’s far from Les Dieux du Stade, the famous calendar of the French Rugbt Team of Paris, but the guys are quite muscular and the theme is definitively gay. A gay side of life which is specific for the Church as ittreat the Gay marriage.

In each picture of more or less nude men you could also discover a priest, which gives a very special atmosphere, but with a real sexual intensity.

Here they are, let’s enjoy!

orthodox calendar 2014_02 orthodox calendar 2014_03 orthodox calendar 2014_01 orthodox calendar 2014_12 orthodox calendar 2014_08 orthodox calendar 2014_05 orthodox calendar 2014_09 orthodox calendar 2014_10 orthodox calendar 2014_11 orthodox calendar 2014_06 orthodox calendar 2014_07 orthodox calendar 2014_04


  1. That Orthodox calendar is the best church calendar I’ve ever seen. Perhaps I should convert! LOL! Thanks for all of your awesome shares and fun.


    1. If , God willing, you convert yourself to Orthodoxy, never mind “the real sexual intensity” but the real spiritual
      intensity that will rejoice your heart after these male bodies enjoy your eyes.


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