Yellow on the pool

This post introduce to you a series about Men and Colors. We will start with Yellow and men wearing yellow underwear. Most of the time it is on a tan sunned skin, and the yellow piece of cloth brights like the sun. That’s why we labelled the post the sunshine of a man.

Yellow is the most luminous of the color spectrum, it captures your attention more than any other one.

Among other values, Yellow represents the color of happiness and energy. This is for the positive side of this color, but it is also seen as the mark of jealousy, of caution, of betrayal  or even sickness.

But let’s investigate the positive side of Yellow: sunshine, happiness (all the happy smiles icons are yellow) and warmth.

Yellow is the background of many road signs and the color of school-bus because it is the most visible color of all and the human eyes process it first, so it is used for caution and emergency signs and vehicles.

Having said all that about The YELLOW color, you will be surely attracted by the underwear of these hot guys in the following pictures… by the way they can be remove without caution in emergency cases!!!

yellow-underwear_asian2_o yellow-underwear_2_o yellow-underwear_o underwear_yellowmod_o Bryan-Bertroche-Frankie-Morello_Recadkb63a_o3_o Fred-Goudon_Swimwear_BriceMartinet_o yellow-underwear_asian4_o yellow-underwear_asian3_o Es-Collection_1407_02018_o yellow-underwear_asian1_o underwear_1409 (14) underwear_1409 (15)


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