Nick Bateman, Canadian and Handsome Man


Nick Bateman (his full name is Nicholas Kevin Stanley Yunge-Bateman) is a Canadian fashion model who has started an actor career.

Nicholas Yunge-Bateman was born in Burlington, Ontario a province of Canada. Burlington is a city which is part of the Greater Toronto Area.
Now let’s call him Nick Bateman as he became famous with this nickname.


Well, Nick was blessed by God to have such a hot look, but the practice of Martial Arts since his childhood is the reason why of his well chiseled body. The entire guy looks great!
He was four years old when he wanted to be a ninja turtle and started training for what it is still his great passion: Martial Art.
At 17 y/o he was casted for a shooting for Abercrombie & Fitch by Bruce Weber.

Since then he was hired for many add campaign for underwear and swim-wear brands. He is still very active in Art Martial training, the reason why his body is attractive to these brands.
Nick Bateman has been very well inspired in developing social media starting with Instagram. In less than 2 years he reached 2.7 millions followers !! A record for a male model. In addition some of his pictures have more than 200 000 likes and 10 000 comments !!!

You can check Nick Bateman Instagram account HERE  Some of the pictures of this post are from his blog. You can see this awesome guy who is publishing almos every day one or more pictures of him, but you will discover the woman of his life : his Mom, and Joey, his cute and adorable puppy.

Waoow!! he definitively knows how to make the buzz….

nick-bbateman-bboy-bnext-bdoor_o Nick-Bateman_Instag_001_o nick-bateman_2481_o.
Nick is also trying his best to be an actor and he already starred in TV Shows and 3 movies. They are Hobbo with a Shotgun in 2011, Tapped Out in 2015 and the yet in development and expected in 2016, Uggly Love.

This gorgeous Canadian lives now in Los Angeles, and was up to now great to manage his career. Congrats Nick you’re hot and smart 🙂

nick-bateman_150501_o nick-bateman-12673_o nick-bateman-1101_o nick-bateman-435_o nick-bateman-11_o Nick-Bateman_kk20-463_o nick-bateman_150503 nick-bateman_243_o

7 thoughts on “Nick Bateman, Canadian and Handsome Man

  1. Why he may not a girlfriend ?? Its not if you are gay you have a good relationdhip with a women
    Love is one word …sex its another .
    You can have a good friendship that can give more satisfaction of a few minutes of sex


  2. Oh anyway Nick has a girlfriend! 😁 he ever posted the pict with his gf but then i think she got bullied or something like that, yeah. You know, Nick fangirls is seriously creepy. So for that matter, Nick never posted his photos again with his gf, but his gf sometimes posted photos with Nick on her own instagram account.


    1. Yes Henry, I definitively agree with your words! I will publish a part 2 of this post with more pictures of this insanely handsome boy! Come back soon.


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