The history of speedos is quite interesting , just after this picture you can learn a little more about SPEEDO.

Austin Scoggin_ricky cohete 2015-10-04 20.47.35
Austin Scoggin in speedos by Ricky Cohere

Everything started in 1928, OMG it’s about 90 years ago! This was in Sydney (Australia) when the underwear manufacturer named Fortitude introduced on the market a range of swimwear and asked their staff to find a name and a slogan for it. The prize was £ 5 and was won by Captain Jim Parsons who found out the name SPEEDO and the slogan “SPEED ON IN YOUR SPEEDOS”.

2015 - 1
Man in speedos

Later on the company changed name to become Speedo Knitting Mills.
In 1936 the Australian men swim team wear a bare chested swimsuit in the Berlin Olympic Games.
Speedos started to be used in the US, coming from Australia, in 1959.

Speedos went through a lot of controversies in the US and the UK. The well established puritanism and the well present bigotry in these two countries    raised their voices to condemn these apparels which are showing too much of the men attributes. Inland Europeans like Frenchs or Germans are far more relaxed than that, and even in France, for healthy reasons they are compulsory to be wear when you swimming in public pools.
From the 1980‘s the SPEEDO brand is protected in 112 countries.

Latino in speedos_Fotor
Latino in black speedos
Man in green speedos
Anthony , blue eyes, blue speedos
Man addicted in speedos
Nice green speedos
Green speedos
Wider Wilham , a young guy in pink speedos (by photographer Xavier Sam)
Wider Wilham , now in blue speedos (by photographer Xavier Sam)
Handsome man in speedos on the beach (Collage)
Cody Calafiore in flashy green jockstraps
Men in speedos
Main au panier_addicted_0122
Addicted to speedos

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    1. Thanks for the reblog… By the way I have updated the post with some comments on the history of the Speedo, it’s interesting to see that this Australian invention, was well adopted in Europe but raised a lot of oppositions in UK and USA from the bigots. What about Asian and more particularly Cambodia ?


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