Eric Betts: Handsome American Actor

Eric Bretts, actor & model

Wonder kid Eric was discovered while on a trip to California when he decided to visit an LA Models open call. Of African American/Cherokee and white heritage, Eric’s fresh handsomeness and amazing body (maintained by running 35 miles a week) represents the perfect mix of qualities that would shine on screen just as well as in print.
His mother Marty who is a Weight Watcher leader, is proud of his son and she is very specific about the origine of this tall little son but also of her other son Evan .

Eric Bretts, actor & model

His father Jim, is 1/2 African American, 1/4 Cherokee Indian and French. He looks ore like my side of the family while his brother Evan looks more like his fathers side… Yea, you should see him too…

With his brother Evan James Betts, they grow up with the same hobbies: theater acting, diving practice and singing.

But Evan became a fitness model in NYC when Eric started a career in the fashion industry, becoming an international model.
Then he continues to pursue his acting in TV , films and live theater. He is now living in LA since 2012.

The bio from his Agency (Q NYC) describes this handsome young model as follows:

Full Name: Eric Stanton Betts
Hair: Brown
Hair length: Short
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6′2″ (189cm )
Physique: Athletic
Place of Origin: Born in Milan and raised in Ann Arbor ( both in Michigan USA))
Date of Birth: June 21 1990 (25 y/o)
Ethnicity: Mixed: African American, Cherokee Indian, and French
Voice type : Tenor

Eric Bretts, actor & model
Eric Bretts, actor & model

Private life: Eric Bretts is now a very good friend of a Mayhem model Edward James Frame… they could be probably boyfriends (check their instagram pictures: at the end of this post)

Eric Bretts, actor & model
Eric Bretts, in Paris (France) shooting
Eric Bretts, in Paris (France) shooting
Eric Bretts, in Paris (France) shooting
Eric Bretts, actor & model in Paris shooting
Eric Bretts, actor & model
Capture d'écran 2015-12-03 12.02.24
Eric Bretts and Boyfriend (?) Edward James Frame
Capture d'écran 2015-12-03 12.04.46
Eric Bretts and Boyfriend (?) Edward James Frame
Capture d'écran 2015-12-03 12.01.30
Eric Bretts and Boyfriend (?) Edward James Frame


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