Miguel Iglesias for an underwear campaign

Born in Ourense in 1986, a city in the Northwestern Spain, the capital of the Galicia province, Miguel Iglesias is now 25.

Miguel in leather pants

He is an easy going guy, dotted with a wicked sense of humor and devastatingly charming, and he is one of the latest and the hottest stars that emerged in the fashion scenes two years ago in 2009. His sharp masculine good looks has been described as ultra-sexy and his English is swept with a sharp sexy accent that makes him the new definition for male beauty.

Miguel Iglesias in jeans (Click on the image to enlarge)


Let’s start with a “NAUGHTY” video for Puma ,featuring MIGUEL

Miguel Iglesias for Calvin Klein (Click on image for original size)



Here is an interview for CoverMenMag which will give you a flavor of his personality.

-Hello Miguel, I am really flattered to interview you, just to start it off, though you’re really well-known, please give me some background information

  • I was born in Ourense, Spain. I have been a big traveller from a young age, and so wherever my work takes me, its always important for me to stay connected to my family and friends, no matter where we are. As a kid, I lived in both Spain and Mexico. I also spent some time living in San Diego, California. I started high school in Spain, but then I did a study program in the US. I did my Junior year of high school in Long Beach, Mississippi, and did my Senior year in Hilo, Hawaii.
Miguel Iglesias for dolce & gabana by mariano vivanco (Click on image for original size)

-When did you start your modeling career and how old were you at that time?

I first started working in Barcelona, around the age of 21.

Miguel Iglesias in underwear

-What was your first main assignment as a model?

My first assignment was for AX S/S 2008. It was my first big photo shoot and we got to fly to Ibiza. I’ll never forget the experience.

Miguel Iglesias for underwear campaign (Click on image for original size)

-What are your favorite modeling assignments?

I love my job and I enjoy all the different kinds of work that comes my way. I really enjoy runway shows, but I especially like editorial photo shoots. I love embracing a character and getting the chance to play a role and be a part of the story that is being created.

Miguel Iglesias in jeans (Click on image for original size)

-You’re a very successful model, did you expect such a great success?

In the beginning I had no idea, I didn’t really know much about modeling. I was a student when I first began and to be honest I saw it as just a chance to try and make some extra money. After booking consistent work I realized that this was something I could be good at, as long as I stayed positive and disciplined. To this day, I continue to try my best and I’m still very hungry for success.

Miguel Iglesias in underwear (Click on image for original size)

-What do you like to do in your free time if you have any?

Life is beautiful, and when I have time off I try and live mine at the fullest. I’m sure a lot of people my age would say the same way but I love to travel and enjoy the opportunity to see as much of the world as possible.

I learn the most in life from experiencing the world through the eyes of others as. I love to learn about new cultures and traditions to see how different parts or the world work. It is my passion. When I want to relax I like watching movies and soccer on TV. Im also a big sports fan. I have played basketball and soccer my whole life but I also love to surf and ski.

Miguel Iglesias (Click on image for original size)

-What is your favorite type of movie and do you remember the last film you watched?

That’s difficult. I like action movies, thrillers, comedies, horror movies…all kinds. The last movie I watched was on a plane to Chile for a job, it was ‘The Motorcycle Diaries,’ such a beautiful film.

Nude of Miguel Iglesias (Click on image for original size)

-What is your favorite holiday destination?

South Beach, Miami, I’ve had a lot of fun there working and its always good to go back.

Miguel Iglesias lying on the beach (Click on image for original size)
Miguel Iglesias in the pool (Click on image for original size)

-How do you keep in shape?

I’ve been playing sports my whole life. I have always tried to stay in good shape and try and train as much as possible. I run a lot.

Miguel Iglesias in swimwear with friends (Click on image for original size)

-Thanks Miguel for taking the time to reply to my questions ( source : CoverMenMag.com )

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