Alessio Pozzi_tumblr_nkevpsvaMD1qzcqino1_1280
Alessio Pozzi, Italian cutie

When we release this post the young Alessio is still a teenager v as he will turn his 20 y/o on March 2016. But our Italian hottie is already an internationally recognized male model. He is walking on the world’s best catwalks for the major names of the fashion industry.

Alessio Pozzi_tumblr_ns09zeIlPY1th21zso1_1280
Alessio Pozzi, Italian cutie
Alessio Pozzi, for Versace, Hercules Editorial

Alessio Pozzi is his full name and this tall guy of 1.89 m (6’2″) who was born in Italy and who lives in Milan. The young model started his career at 17 in 2014. and become famous as soon as he started after being scouted in a Milan’s mall. He appeared in campaigns for Givenchy, Versace, Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana, DSquared2, Emporio Armani, … and more. Very busy and successful, the young guy is among the Top 50 male models.

Alessio Pozzi_tumblr_nvu99nc9Gq1qa6um3o1_400
Alessio Pozzi, Italian cutie
Alessio Pozzi_tumblr_no2ekvlPxy1rdkvxmo1_1280
Alessio Pozzi, Italian cutie

Travelling the world for his job, Alessio is happy to take some break in Milan the city where he lives with his mom and hang out with his closed friends.

Alessio Pozzi_tumblr_nmvtv1KXWG1rdkvxmo1_1280
Alessio Pozzi, Italian cutie
by Brent Chua_01
Alessio Pozzi, by Brent Chua

Video clip with Alessio

Alessio Pozzi_tumblr_nr2w6omGjX1s6d7dto3_1280
Alessio Pozzi, for Versace
070-083 大片-行者.indd
Alessio Pozzi, Italian cutie
Alessio-Pozzi-Fausto di Pino_Model-010
Alessio Pozzi, by Fausto di Pino
Alessio Pozzi_Versace_500
Alessio Pozzi, for Versace
Alessio Pozzi, Italian model for Kenzo
Alessio Pozzi, for Versace
Alessio Pozzi_tumblr_ngsrwepKtr1rdkvxmo1_400
Alessio Pozzi, Italian cutie
Alessio Pozzi_tumblr_n2ps62Vwk11rdkvxmo1_1280
Alessio Pozzi, Italian cutie
Alessio Pozzi_tumblr_ngs4k1qpas1rdkvxmo1_500
Alessio Pozzi, Italian cutie
Alessio Pozzi, Italian model by Brent Chua

Wanna see another Italian Hot Guy ???

Easy to do by clicking on the image below or the link : >HERE<

Andrea Denver
Andrea Denver


  1. I wrote a story called Water on a Biscuit about an Italian woman who got her spunk back, and Alessio is a biscuit to me. I got a bowl of gravy waiting for him.


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