Nude model, French Model, gay model
Matthieu, French model (gay friendly)

Matthieu Charneau is a French model, born in Paris in November 1988. He has now an international audience and was shot by some of the most famous photographer including the legendary Rick Day.


Nude model, French Model, gay model
Matthieu by Exterface for Muto

Who is Matthieu? He is a quiet guy from Chateauroux, a small town in Central France. And as we say in France this place is “provincial” far from the busy and exciting and fashionable life of Paris the capital city.

Nude model, French Model, gay model
The abs of Matthieu

After passing a A level in Science then studying for a degree in food-processing industry, but he was not really satisfied with a possible scientific career, so he decided to run for a more artistic future, so Matthieu Charneau studied to become an hairdresser.

Matthieu Charneau
Matthieu lying on the bed

In September 2010 he run the Mister Gay 2010 competition organized by the gay French magazine TETU, and easily won the title of Mister Gay 2010! The pictures for the magazine shot by Pascal PPRL, a French photographer made Matthieu famous and was the start of his career in the modeling.

Nude model, French Model, gay model
another side of Matthieu

As mentioned, Matthieu had the chance to work with Rick Day (see the interview of Matthieu about his shooting with Rick Day at the end of this other post by clicking HERE). He also featured a special issue of MUTO by Exterface.

Matthieu Charneau
Matthieu and his beautiful abs
Nude model, French Model, gay model
on the couch, beautiful Matthieu
the cute face of Matthieu, an angel on a masculine body
Matthieu Charneau
Lying Matthieu
Matthieu nude and jumping
Nude Black Model
Black model/ Rear nudity
Nude men
Black model / Frontal nudity
Nude men
Julien, French model, nude
Nude men
Mateo nude model
Nude model, French Model, gay model
Matthieu, French model (gay friendly)


  1. I had posted one of the photos on Pinterest some while ago and received a message that someone had saved the photo. This was unusual because Pinterest had stopped sending those type messages for maybe a.year. Then visited and looked. at all the beautiful artistic photos showing varying degrees of nudity but then popped up one photo with frontal nudity. That one photo will cause me the ability to post any of those beautiful artistic nudes! Pintrest does not allow frontal nudity. So, I must now delete the original post.

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