Paul Koehler

Paul Koehler (also known under the names of Paul Josher or Paul Koehler Josher) is quite new in the Fashion industry, but he has already performed on runways and being shot for editorials in magazines.

Paul Koehler

Paul is a young but tall guy of 6’3″ (191 cm), his athletic body appears shirtless in a lot of attractive shots by fashion photographers like Justin Violini.

Paul Koehler

Paul is now 23, he was born in Berlin (Germany) on February 14, 1993, but raised in Chicago (IL, USA). He was scouted early 2012 and signed his first contract with MAJOR Models in New York, then he also signed with NEXT models in London in April 2012.

Paul Koehler

He made his catwalk début in London for the London Collections Men in June 2012, then he was requested by Calvin Klein Collection exclusive in Milan, followed by the show of Thierry Mugler in Paris.

Paul Koehler

This young guy is of American / German ethnic origin, has the nickname of Junior, he claim that he is easy to fit in situations and his energy can be contagious. He likes the “Dove for men” line of products. He is happy when Christmas comes as his favorite food is the Thanks Giving Turkey.

Paul Koehler

As hobbies , he plays American Footbal, but he likes also collecting and listening music. The last track he was listening was Knock Up by Kings Of Leon.

His favorite movie is “Spread”.

He regularly go to Gym for fitness, but he dislikes getting up early in the morning.

Paul Koehler
Paul Koehler
Paul Koehler
Paul Koehler
Paul Koehler
Paul Koehler

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