Alex Bechet

ALEX BECHET, 31, is quite a new face in the fashion industry, he is Swedish even if his look of latin lover is far from the blond guys we expect as the standard men of this country.

Alex Bechet by Rick Day

He has some Romanian  origins in addition to his Swedish blood.



DATE OF BIRTH 13/06/86

Alex Bechet

Alex lived in Gothenburg where he studied Shipping and Logistics. He is an avid fan of fly fishing and enjoys outdoor activities. He runs 3km every day and works out in the gym 4 times a week to keep fit. He entered the competition through the in store casting held at the NK department store in Gothenburg.

Alex Bechet, digital

Alex was a finalist of  the Clavin Klein contest: 9 countries 9 men 1 winner.

Alex likes fishing the salmon in the North Seawhich is probably from there he has built-up his awesome abs.

Alex Bechet

He is often shot nude by the photographer, but Alex is definitively a good boy who dislike drugs, alcohol, just a glass during a party not more. He justify himself by saying that this is part of his job, he enjoys doing it, but he knows it will not last long. So he sees himself doing a job relate to the nature. He would like to stay in a cottage in Norway, with his wife and two children : this is how he sees his future, for now he is happy to stay with his girlfriend in Gotenborg. She is also a model, so they have some opportunity to travel together. Once a year they take a month of vacation and they disappear from the business!


Alex Bechet
Alex Bechet for Coitus Magazine
Alex Bechet
Alex Bechet by Thomas Synnamon
Alex Bechet by Thomas Synnamon
Alex Bechet by Coitus magazine
Alex Bechet, capaient for the fragrance Grigio Perla
Alex Bechet by Coitus magazine Thomas Synnamon
Alex Bechet by Coitus magazine Thomas Synnamon

3 thoughts on “ALEX: HOT SWEDISH GUY

  1. alex is so hot i wish i could feel his balls i wish i could go out with guys who look like this and buy them lots of underwear i hope he is as beutiful on the inside as he is on the outside guys who are as beutiful as this are stuck up narsesstic and very mean and cruel to p;eople and make fun of people he is gorgus thopugh i wish i looked like him he is my role model mnd i wish i could feel his balls


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