Italian Hunk: Antonio Cupo

In addition to the previous post ITALIAN BOYS (Ragazzi Italiani) -click here to see- here is a selection of Italian Hunks. They have all very attractive latino look and their dark hair, their hairy face and sometime their blue and clear eyes are kind of irresistible! So just relax and don’t resist!

Italian Hunk: : Alessandro Genova
c_anthony Gallo_1
Italian Hunk: Anthony Gallo (Italo African)
Italian Hunk: : Derek Marocco (Italo Ukrainian)

Derek Marrocco, even if he is an American citizen, deserves to be classified as an Italian hunk as his heritage is half Ukranian and half Italian. And when you see this awesome guy, you understand that he took a lot from his Italian parent. He grew up in Roselle, NJ  It’s a nice small American town. He went to Catholic School, an all-boys high school, he was an altar boy, went to church every Sunday, the whole thing.  He became  a star athlete throughout high school and into University, when some health problem stopped his sport career. He is now 31 y/o.

Italian Hunk: : Elia Cometti
Italian Hunk: : Elia Cometti
Italian Hunk: : Elia Cometti
Italian Hunk: Emanuele Fiore
Italian Hunk: Emanuele Fiore

Emanuele Fiore was born in Torino, the capital city of the Piemonte, a region at the very North of Italy.

He is now 24 y/o, as he was born in 1988. He is 6’1″ and start his modelling career when he competed for “L’uomo Ideale  d’Italia” in 2006, i.e. The Ideal Italian Man, he was 18 at that time and he won the contest.

The two shot of Emanuele in this blog are from is campaign for Datch an underwear company. He was the selected model to introduce the 2008 underwear collection. In all the shots Emanuele appeared very wet and very … sexy too. The underwear company continued to rely on Emanuele as he was also selected for the 2010 collection

Italian Hunk: : Fernando Vitale
Italian Hunk: Giulio Berruti
Italian Hunk: : Rafaelo Balzo

Raffaelle Balzo is a model as well as an actor. He was born in the city of Udine in the North of Italy in 1975. He successfully participated to Men beauty contests like Fotomodello del l’anno when he was 20, then Mister Friuli and was number one at Il più bello d’Italia 3 years later.

Italian Hunk: : Marco Brenno
Italian Hunk: un known
n_mariano divaoi_1
Italian Hunk: : Mariano di Vaoi

Mariano di Vaoi is an Italian fashion blogger who is also hired as model.

Italian Hunk: : Mariano di Vaoi

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