Santiago Peralta

Santiago Peralta is an Argentinian male model who doas not dislike to take his clothes off! and to tell the truth he is totally right: how can we resist to admire his muscular and well shaped body.

You can find more sexy shots of Santiago in the part 2 by clicking HERE!

Santiago Peralta by Bruno Rand

Most of his shot are for underwear and when you see how Santiago’s body  is built you understand why!

Santiago is now 30 y/0 (2017) , he was shot by famous photographer like Greg Vaughan, Kristopher Kelly, Bruno Rand, Ricardo Muniz and Steven Klain. You will find some of these shots in this post.

Santiago Peralta by Hans Farhmayer

He is 6 ft tall, and 160 lbs is his weight. He works as model for the Agency Empire Models.

At first modelling was a kind of adventure for him. He didn’t know what he was doing or getting into. His open mind and following suggestions from experimented models and with the support of photographers, he was able to be more comfortable in this weird business!

Santiago Peralta

As hobbies and interests, Santiago practices numerous sports: soccer (he is latino, isn’t he?) , rugby, valleyball, rock clombing, sky diving, hiking , snowboarding, surfing and if that’s not enough he likes and know how to swim!

Santiago Peralta Rear view

This guy is also a very good dancer who is at ease with break dancing and also partner dancing.  He is also good at drawing and painting. What else? Well let him listen music, plaing chess and smoking a good cigar with a cup of good wine to share with his best friends… quite a philosophy of life for this young and handsome guy…

Santiago Peralta by Bruno Rand
Santiago Peralta by Greg Vaughan
Santiago Peralta by Greg Vaughan
Santiago by Greg Vaughan

Nude shots (nsfw) are available in the Part 2 of this post CLICK HERE


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