This is the second post on British male fashion models, the first one (which could be seen by clicking here) was focusing on the current top models, so this one will figure out three new faces on the scene of the fashion industry. We have selected  the following three models: Harry Goodwins, Ash Stymest and Luke Worrall.


Harry Goodwins by Justin Wu

Most of them appeared about 5 years ago on the runways, and they have been able to raise their name as worldwide bankable models. They are also representing the “skinny” trend of the men models which is the most requested by European designers as they have less muscular bodies, and smooth skin without hair. Thier look is quite childish and they are very handsome guys.

Harry Goodwins by Cecilie Harris

Harry Goodwins is born in East London, United Kingdom. Harry is now 24 years old, as he was born on 1992.

He was discovered at the age of fifteen when shopping in Oxford Street, London, but the Agency enrolled him in modeling when he was close to 18. In the mean time he attend a footballing college in Southwest London.

Harry Goodwins

He started soon to be requested by the great name of the fashion industry for his good looking and his perfectly chiseled body. He worked for Parda, Bottega Veneta, Dsquared2. In 2011 his appeal was extended to the US, and landed in New York for Calvin Klein.

He was recently shot by Cecilie Harris.



Ash Stymest by Hedi Slimane

Ashley “Ash” Stymest is born in England on July 31st, 1991. He is now 25 years old.

He grown up in Coney Hall and attended Ravens Wood School in South East London. He was scouted in 2008 when he was 17 years old and started to work with Hedi Slimane. for Slimane’s photography personal work. He first appeared in Vogue Hommes Japan, photographed by Slimane.

Ash by Hedi Slimane
Ash with Eliza Cummins for Dazed & Confused

He was featured in several Men Fashion magazine like Italian and Russian Vogue. He was also part of the runway show of Balenciaga in Paris in 2008.

In 2010, he was presenting “MTV Bang” a show on MTV UK.

He is now married with Maile Doyle and had recently a baby, a girl named Summer Doyle-Stymest.


Luke Worrall in bed with friend

Luke Worrall is born in South London, Great Britain. He was born on December 26th, 1989. He is a male fashion model and also a DJ. He like skateboarding. He was engaged with Kelly Osbourne, the daughter of the rock star Ozzy Osbourne. They broke up in 2011, after Luke cheated her with a transexual boy named Elle Schneider aka “Reynaldo Gonzalez” of Cuban origin a transgender boy (same age as Luke) still with the man attributes.

Luke Worrall

Luke was scouted when he was traveling back from a skate park, outside Camden train station.

As you have probably understood he has a great interest in skateboarding.

Ash with Eliza Cummins for Dazed & Confused

He is a very busy model and he was featuring a lot of runway shows, editorial and covers of Fashion magazine. He worked for Marc Jacobs, Topman, Custo Barcelona, Dazed+Confused, Arena Homme, Fiasco Magazine and also for the Fragrance Amor, Amor by Cacharel photographed by Jean Baptiste Mondino

Luke Worrall


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