Carlito Rosadino

Filipinos are generally smooth, but this does mean they are not hot. This is just the opposite. And unlike Westerner they rarely shave their body, so they have quite a pubic hair.

Ace Castro

Gay people in Philippines are traditionally accepted in the Filipino society, but they still have to struggle with some macho aspect of it.

Jason Penning, Filipino-Australian

The term gay could be translated into Bakla or Bading. Bakla is a long traditionally accepted kind of homosexual man who is generally effeminate and some time  working in beauty parlor. He is wearing woman like clothes with vibrant colors and using make-up, but not in the drag-queen style. They are looking to have relationship with lalake (men who are active and even married).

Dustin Jose

In modern Philippines, even if Baklas still exist is more refered as Effem (Effeminate gay) versus Discreet (Straight acting gay)  in the new generation who has a similar behavior and lifestyle of the Westerner gays.

Jon Avila

A large part  of the gay community members are using the Swardspeak which is a language derived from Englog that incorporates a lot of English, or other foreign words (Spanish, Japanese, …).

Joem Bascon

The cinema industry is active in Philippines and an independant kind of directors has recently emerged as Indies. One of them is specialized in gay themed films known as Pinoy Indies movies. In this post yo will find some of the sexy and attrative actors of these movies.

From the movie Unspoken Passion
Dustin Jose and H Ross from Maligalig movie
From Unspoken Passion
Sexy Will Sandejas


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