Same-sex marriage – celebration

Same-sex marriage made progress in the last decade

Hopefully as per May 2017 there is a positive prospect on the gay rights, particularly on the same-sex marriage.To summarize the situation all around the world and see that things are changing to make this earth a better place to live for people the way they are born.

Same-sex marriage – in Las Vegas

In the USA, the turning point was the clear support by  President Obama in 2012 which gave a clear signal for the Afro-American community, to open the mind for the gay acceptance in that category of American citizens who were more reluctant on the topic than the whites. It opened the way to few coming-out of Hip-Hop and Rappers  celebrities, in a business where  the word “fagot” was the most used to bash your enemy.  The support of Barrack Obama to the gay marriage was supposed to jeopardize his re-election. The political right wing made the big mistake to react against his statement , hoping to be followed by most of the American citizens.

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Same-sex marriage – Obama did a lot fo convince the Afro-American community
Where we are and were we go in the world:

Around the world, to love, to be loved and to marry same-sex people is now is possible in more and more places

Outside of USA, the marriage is performed in Argentine, Belgium, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, Finland, France, Iceland, Ireland, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Mexico (14 states), Norway, New Zealand, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States of America and Uruguay.

Recognition of marriage performed abroad is possible in Estonia and Israel.

Same-sex marriage – Loving gay couple
Same-sex marriage – in the pool
Same-sex marriage – lOve you
Same-sex marriage – in the thub
Same-sex marriage – I love you baby
Same-sex marriage – on the shore
Same-sex marriage – gay couple
Same-sex marriage – Hugs
Same-sex marriage – kisses

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