Adrien Brunier


This post is dedicated to some of the most beautiful French models or actors. In French we can call them “Les plus beaux mecs de France” , i.e. “The most beautiful guys of France”. Most of them are young male fashion models and they are already traveling around the world for fashion shows or shootings for magazines. They are Matthieu Charneau, Adrien Brunier, Clément Chamberneau, Adrien Sahores or Kevin Flamme. But few are quite fresh faces and not well known. They are Matthieu Barnabé, Hugo Sauzay, Paul Lasfargues,  Steven Chevrin or Sacha M’Baye. All of them are gorgeous guys with the French touch, I hope you will enjoy looking at them and discovering some of them. Let me know in the comment box at the end of the post what do you think about these guys and tell us what is your favorite.

Adrien Sahores
Adrien Sahores
Kevin Flamme
Kevin Flamme
Kevin Flamme
Metthieu Charneau
Matthieu Charneau
Baptiste Faure
Hugo Sauzay
Julien Chanca
Matthieu Barnabé
Matthieu Barnabé
Sacha M’Baye
Steven Chevrin
Steven Chevrin
Baptiste Giabiconi
Model Baptiste Giacobini




  1. Adrien Sahores is a pure delight, surely my favorite here. I could eat up that torrso, so easily. He is stunning, Gorgeous! As for some others, a cigaret surely doesnt enhance anyone’s beauty.

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