Trevor Adams, Texan Hunk

Let’s go for American guys! This series of post will introduce several Texas born amazing men. They are either models or actors and some are both.

In this post two models will be introduces: Trevor Adams and Parker Gregory.
The first one is more a fitness model, or at least his career started in that direction. His name is Trevor Adams, the second in this post is Parker Gregory who is pursuing an international modeling career.

Trevor, sexy man, on the beach


Native from Spring in the north of Houston, Texas. Trevor was born in 1981.

Since his young age, he was said that he could be a model.

With his mother, when he was 20 years old he went to Neal Hamil Agency to apply for modeling, but he was told he was too buffy, and he had to loose weight. But as Trevor spent so much time and effort to earn his muscles , he didn’t agree, so the agent referred him to a fitness photographer. This was the start of his career. Trevor was a shy guy with little confidence in himself, but with patience and time the fitness photographer help him first to be comfortable enough to pose in speedo, then with the time he gained confidence and he is now ok to make nude shooting.
Trevor is really into water sports: water ski, jet ski, swimming, boating, he also played baseball at the high school.

When asked how he is staying in such a great shape, Trevor mention that diet is the secret. For sure Trevor is often in the gym too.

Trevor by Rick Day
Trevor by Rick day
Trévor Adams by Thomas Synnamon


He is another hot Texan guy. Let’s get him know better.

Parker was born in Houston, TX, on December 18, 1984.

He is from Sicilian and Irish descent. As child he was dreaming to be a fire man, but finally and one day in Houston, a friend of his family took him to her agent as she was a model. Finally she convinced Parker to apply for it. He entered the world of fashion in 2007.
Parker is a smooth guy very close to his entire family as they all support each other member in everything that do. He admires his GandMa’ who’s nick name is Memaw, she is loving 9 children and 24 grandchildren, for Parker she is “one hell of a woman, and he thanks her to have blesses him with his mother.

Gregory Parker leaves now in New York City, he is the perfect image of a healthy and athletic model, and he was shot recently by Giam Paolo Sgura to promote sportswear in an Editorial for the Magazine Hercules.
Through the Agency Click Models, he worked for Tommy Highflyer, VMan, Mario Testino, Adidas, POP, Channel, Arena, Karl Lagarfeld.

Parker Gregory
Parker Gregory Texan model
Parker and his bike
Parker by Giampaolo Sugura for Antidote
Paker Nude
Parker in jock straps
Parker Gregory, Giampaolo Segura
Parker for Herculz qmahh

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  1. If Parker has the time, I’d love for him to visit me and stick around for quite a while.I can easily see myself giving him wonderful oral pleasure! Oh, He is Hot!!

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