Baker Twins by Justin Violin

Joel and Kevin Baker are twins, they were born in Spokane, Washington (USA) on September 1, 1988.

Kevin and Joel  in 2009 performed masturbating webcam show (on a gay adult web sites the sword and  flirt4free) under the name of Jacob and Joel Johnson. >> Too see Kevin performance click here . >>>To see Joel performance click Here. (Warning theses websites are NSFW)

Baker Twins, Kevin and Joel

Then they signed for the modeling agency NOUS Models (the Agency said they were not aware of the past activities of the twins before they signed the contract with them). Then they moved to new agencies:  Joel is with DT Models Agency and Kevin with Soul Artist Management New York.

In their modeling performances they have been shoot by numerous famous photographers like: Justin Violini , Joseph Lally for the magazine Supplementaire, by Mariano Vivanco for “Uomini” a book edited by Dolce & Gabbana, Tony Duran , Greg Vaughan, Christian Rios .

Here are the pictures of the hot and sexy twins models.

Kevin by Bell Soto
Kevin by Christian Rios
Kevin, nude
Kevin in underwear
Kevin in underwear
Joel Baker by Justin Violin
Kevin and Joel by Justin Violin
Joel and Kevin
Joel and Kevin nude by Mariano Vivanco


  1. They are simply adorable! Where have they been during my whole life? Not simply handsome, but beautiful, and luscious bodies.


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