4 thoughts on “HOT MEN GO TO THE BEACH

  1. The shaved baby-bottom look is a turn off. Hair on the chest and legs is very masculine. And for god’s sake, why does any guy take a magnificent body that represents grueling hours at the gym and then plaster graffiti on it!?


  2. i love hot men in speedoes i love to buy alot of speedoes i have quit a collection of lepord speedoes i love to lok at hot men is speedoes with big massve huge bulges balls i love to buy speedoes i wish i knew more hot men i would buy them underwear and speedoes thes emen ar egorgus they are my role modles i wish i was them real men are senstive on the inside accept hallmark cards from guys o f all sexueal genders and ortiachones i hope these men are as senstive on the outside and as beutiful on the inside as they are on the outside that is real man beuty i hove these guys makes me wan to touch myself i love hot men these are the men you have wet dream over


  3. This is such a beautiful array of sexy men, with beautiful bodies, and some very inticing sights. Certainly, I’m aroused, and undoubtedly so are many more who see these beach beauties!

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