One more post in the series Young and Beautiful Guys. For this 8th part we would like to know the one you like the most. So be ready to make your choice and to do so remember the number of your favorite guy as we have numbered them from #1 to #10. At the end of this post there is a poll where you can input your selection. Thank you for your participation.


# 1 / Max Meraldi



# 2 / Benjamin Selleck



#3 / Zach Cox



#4 / Gleb Karpenko




#5 / Pierre Verdier



#6 / Jass Reeman



#7 / Tristan Zanchi



#8 / Jai Bower



#9 / Augustin Visciglia



#10 / Alex Velluyini


8 thoughts on “THE YOUNG AND THE BEAUTIFUL GUYS (Part 8)

    1. Thank you Xersex for your contribution. By the way I misspelled the name of the guy : his correct name is Alex Vellutini, he is a French model living in Avignon (Provence Region) and his family name is probably of Italian origin. You can find more on Alex on his Instagram account @alex_vltn

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  1. I was married and totally straight until one night I was chatting with a black man at a bar near home after work.
    He put a hand on my knee. I did not think anything of it but his hand began moving higher. I tried to pull his hand away but he went straight to my crotch. I said, sorry, I am not like that. He said, you will be when I get through with you. I said, I have to go and got u to leave. He followed me out to the parking lot and I realized he was a lot bigger than me. He grabbed me, pushed me to a dark area, slapped my face hard several times and said we’ll see what you like and don’t like! He kneed me hard in the balls and I fell to the ground. Trying to get up he pulled my pants down. Then he got on top of my chest facing me and shoved his dick into my mouth. I had never had one before but no way I could stop him. He said suck it sissyboi. A few minutes later he was down and in my ass. He said, take it bitch! I shot a huge load and he said, yeah, you don’t like this, Ha Ha!
    That night I became Bi.

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