KISS ME NOW (Part 2)

This is the second part of the post KISS ME NOW. You can find the first pat if you click HERE. Cute couple, sweet moments, these pictures are bringing to you the love of men when they love men. Love me tender  is what they can whisper to each other….  


Another love, the gay love is still love. We all know that. And here we would like to bring to you an illustration of what is same sexe love meaning it is the same sweet moments between two people. Gender is irrelevant, the feelings are as intense as they can be between a woman and … More ANOTHER LOVE


These pictures are about friends together. Male friends. Some practicing sports, a great way to be between men and feel close of your friend body and spirit. Let’s assume they are friends, just friends, but let’s be curious and imagine they could be more than friends.. Would You like to see the posts as soon … More JUST FRIENDS or MORE ?


Kenya Shimizu is a Japanese artist specialised in paintings and drawings. His work are published in popular Japanese gay magazines. His homo-erotic fantasies are masterpieces of watercolour and he uses pen and ink as well. He is covering traditional inspired men as samurais and also homo-erotic scenes of moderne Japan as salarymen. This post is … More GAY ART: KENYA SHIMIZU


This is the first post on Stephane Haffner and Emiliano Simeoni, two performers in aerial acrobatics. They were a couple and close friends. They are two beautiful men with amazing body and a high level skill in gymnastics and dance. They have also , and are still in demand for modeling in the fashion industry. Today … More STEPHANE & EMILIANO: ACROBATS & GAY COUPLE (Part 1)


Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom are the sexy actors of  ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales’ just released now. The guys are sexy so let’s imagine the gay side of the story and find out that these pirates can be gay friendly just for a while… maybe it’s not just a dream!