This is a nasty (NSFW) series of hot men who are touching their bulge or directly their attributes. Take a breath and relax as the series is particularly hot.

YAOI (Part 1) : KAZE TO KI NO UTA (風と木の詩)

Kaze to Ki no Uta (the Poem of the Wind and the Trees) or  風と木の詩 in Japanese is known as the first official mage ever published. It was written by Keiko Takemiya and appeared in a 17 volumes  from 1976 to 1984 in the magazine Shôjo Comic published by Shogakukan. STORYLINE: The story takes place in Provence … More YAOI (Part 1) : KAZE TO KI NO UTA (風と木の詩)


Here is a series of cute Christmas Santaclaus, so sweet and so gay. Would you like to have to have anyone of them as a Christmas gift ? I knew already your answer!!!!! If you want to be updated regularly on the new releases of this blog just click and subscribe on FOLLOW   IF … More MERRY GAY CHRISTMAS


Today I would like to share with you these sweet pictures where the guys look so adorable. They just want us to melt for them… and that’s work for me! What’s about you ? Are you sensitive to the appeal of these boys either alone or together? Let us know your comment is welcome!

Imbranato (Clumsy Idiot) : a gay love story ! with Lyrics in English

Based on the love song “Imbranato” which could be translated into “Clumsy Idiot”. A young guy discovers that the relationship he had is not just sex but love… and he doesn’t know how to tell this to his partner.. afraid that Love could be out-fashioned… Basé sur la chanson d’amour “Imbranato” qui peut se traduire … More Imbranato (Clumsy Idiot) : a gay love story ! with Lyrics in English


Let’s just share some sweet moment of tenderness and love between … same sex couple. It’s to celebrate that the diversity is not so diverse as love remains love … sex no matters.


Richard Melville Hall (born September 11, 1965), better known by his stage name Moby, is an American musician, DJ, and photographer. He is known mainly for his sample-based electronic music and his outspoken liberal political views, including his support of veganism and animal rights. He made two duets with the French singer Mylène Farmer (“Slipping … More SLIPPING AWAY


This is a series of gay couple in search of love..; apparently they found it! Gentle fighting and sweet kissing make these guys in an awesome mood. The clip “Didn’t have a choice” with the soundtrack of Baxter, could say that as they are born this way, there is no choice but to accept their … More BOYS LOVE


BRUCE WEBER FOR ABERCROMBIE & FITCH: Last Spring (2012), Bruce Weber, the famous and legendary fashion photographer released a video for a campaign of Abercrombie & Fitch sportswear. The co-operation between the well known photographer and the clothing brand is a long lasting relationship with successful records. Among the models the French Steven Chevrin took … More HOMOEROTIC WRESTLING , by Bruce Weber

Colors of Nude Men

This post is about Men nudity. Most of the Nude photos are Black and White which is said to bring a more artistic touch to the shots. But they are also less realistic, so I would like to show that colors of the nude men could also match an artistic criteria as well. Just check … More Colors of Nude Men