These are men we have a crush for. It happens that we fall in love in a minute when we see the picture of a man or a man with an other person (man or woman). We just want to be either close to him or be the person he is with. This post bring … More MEN WE LOVE

KISS ME NOW (Part 2)

This is the second part of the post KISS ME NOW. You can find the first pat if you click HERE. Cute couple, sweet moments, these pictures are bringing to you the love of men when they love men. Love me tender  is what they can whisper to each other….  


Another love, the gay love is still love. We all know that. And here we would like to bring to you an illustration of what is same sexe love meaning it is the same sweet moments between two people. Gender is irrelevant, the feelings are as intense as they can be between a woman and … More ANOTHER LOVE


Kenya Shimizu is a Japanese artist specialised in paintings and drawings. His work are published in popular Japanese gay magazines. His homo-erotic fantasies are masterpieces of watercolour and he uses pen and ink as well. He is covering traditional inspired men as samurais and also homo-erotic scenes of moderne Japan as salarymen. This post is … More GAY ART: KENYA SHIMIZU


BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN, A MILESTONE The movie Brokeback Mountain, located in the Wyoming,  by the director Ang Lee, is a milestone in the revised view that the American people represent the iconic figure of the traditional West Cowboy figure. Not that it implies that gay relationship was common between cowboys, but at least this kind of … More GAY COWBOYS: HOT MEN IN THE WILD WEST (Part 1)


Here is a series of cute Christmas Santaclaus, so sweet and so gay. Would you like to have to have anyone of them as a Christmas gift ? I knew already your answer!!!!! If you want to be updated regularly on the new releases of this blog just click and subscribe on FOLLOW   IF … More MERRY GAY CHRISTMAS

Imbranato (Clumsy Idiot) : a gay love story ! with Lyrics in English

Based on the love song “Imbranato” which could be translated into “Clumsy Idiot”. A young guy discovers that the relationship he had is not just sex but love… and he doesn’t know how to tell this to his partner.. afraid that Love could be out-fashioned… Basé sur la chanson d’amour “Imbranato” qui peut se traduire … More Imbranato (Clumsy Idiot) : a gay love story ! with Lyrics in English