YAOI (Part 1) : KAZE TO KI NO UTA (風と木の詩)

Kaze to Ki no Uta (the Poem of the Wind and the Trees) or  風と木の詩 in Japanese is known as the first official mage ever published. It was written by Keiko Takemiya and appeared in a 17 volumes  from 1976 to 1984 in the magazine Shôjo Comic published by Shogakukan. STORYLINE: The story takes place in Provence … More YAOI (Part 1) : KAZE TO KI NO UTA (風と木の詩)


Lucas is a 26 years old man who is an amazing fitness and fashion model. He was born in Berthold, North Dakota (USA). He is 190 lbs, and 6’2″ tall. He has blond hair and blue eyes. He models with the following agencies: Good Talent Management, Elite Miami, Daman Istanbul, Directions USA;  Hometown: Berthold, North Dakota Currently: Miami, … More LUCAS, FIT & HOT AMERICAN GUY (Part 1)


Matthew Pollock is a young model, he will turn 19 in 2017. Pretty face , nice body, blond air, he looks like a perfect Californian surfer. The young man is a successful sportsman who practiced Rawing and he’s National Champion èTh fastest pair in the country! But in this post we will focus on the handsome … More CALIFORNIAN SWEET GUY


Here are few pictures of a French fitness model, Jeremy Baudoin. You can dream that he could be a great boyfriend… sure, but the guy is married with a beautiful girl (see the last picture of this) and they have a cute baby… so it will remain a dream… a sweet dream :))