This posts is dedicated to the ones who like the Asian Male beauties. We bring to you pictures of their naked bodies and their genuine faces. Most of these Asians have chiseled bodies as it is now trendy to practice gym and shape his own body in the westerner way. This imported practice make them even … More ASIAN MALES BEAUTY


Here are the men who have decided to tease you with a simple trick: they forget to zip or button their pants.  Let’s have a look if they are successful in attracting your attention. Are you seduced? TO SEE MORE MEN SUBSCRIBE TO THE BLOG THE GAY SIDE OF LIFE To be updated as soon … More UNZIPPED MALES


Are they shy or this is just a way to tease even more? We let you find out what these male models or their photographers are aiming at. Whatever it’s a real pleasure to contemplate these beautiful guys bodies! THIS POST IS ONE OF THE SERIES “ALMOST NUDE MEN” You can visit the others posts … More ALMOST NUDE MEN (3)


In this blog we have introduced numerous posts related to Indian Hunks and we have also elaborate on the Indian situation of the Gay Side of Life in Indian. You will find at the and of the post the long list of the posts about Indian guys. Today we would like to introduce a new … More INDIAN MALE MODELS


What do you expect to find in a desert? Just dry land covered with stones and sand. Plants are rare, and even humans are difficult to found. But sometime, some guys are challenging the tough conditions of these areas, maybe they like to find something different and more intense than on our normal lands. Here … More MEN IN THE DESERT