This blog is to celebrate the Men Beauty and it includes posts embracing the men in their diversity, including ethnicity. I’m now posting for about one year and according to the statistics the most popular posts are about Asians, including Indians. So today to answer the demand of many of this blog’s viewers I will … More NUDE ASIAN MEN (NSFW)

GAY DIGIT’ART 2 : MEN ENHANCED (Frontal nudity : nsfw)

As promised, here is the second post about Digital Art to enhance the male body beauty, and this time it is with  the full frontal nudity. Some viewers who were happy with the first post on Digital Art (see HERE ). As you will see I have avoided too hard-cored images, penises remain more or … More GAY DIGIT’ART 2 : MEN ENHANCED (Frontal nudity : nsfw)


BRUCE WEBER FOR ABERCROMBIE & FITCH: Last Spring (2012), Bruce Weber, the famous and legendary fashion photographer released a video for a campaign of Abercrombie & Fitch sportswear. The co-operation between the well known photographer and the clothing brand is a long lasting relationship with successful records. Among the models the French Steven Chevrin took … More HOMOEROTIC WRESTLING , by Bruce Weber

Colors of Nude Men

This post is about Men nudity. Most of the Nude photos are Black and White which is said to bring a more artistic touch to the shots. But they are also less realistic, so I would like to show that colors of the nude men could also match an artistic criteria as well. Just check … More Colors of Nude Men