This post features Donovan Michaels an American model at Soul Management. The photographies are by Leandro Enne. The shooting took place in New York City in Brooklyn. The editorial was published in VICTOR Magazine in September 2016.


George Smith is a barrister at Starbucks, but this guy likes to work out so much that he has now a well built and muscled body. His genuine white skin makes this hunk very attractive hunk and it is an invitation to have a taste of him.


Here is the combination of smooth Asian male bodies and well chiseled muscles. It’s areal pleasure to see so much beauty and male attractiveness with a touch of sweetness! They are from all over Asia (Korea, Thailand, Japan and more…)


Sports is a practice where gays are not welcomed. But things are changing fast and  each year new athletes are making their coming out. For sure when you see how attractive are these sportsmen, it looks like to fall and to love these boys is quite easy. Difficult to resist!  


Here is a selection of guys well fit, practicing sports and or regular users of gym, and taking care of their body. These wealthy men are particularly attractive, and as you will see some are looking at you with an attitude which sounds like an invitation to join them in their activities. Hopefully all activities … More ALL HOT GUYS


This pics collection starts with 2 pictures of Pablo Marais (or Moraes) a Brazilian model who was also a dancer. The shoots are from his regular gym exercises. The pictures #10, 11, 14, 15 and 16 are from the “master” Rick Day who is particularly attracted by models wearing sportswear.  Rick Day released two books on the subject … More WHEN SPORTSMEN ARE SEXY


BRUCE WEBER FOR ABERCROMBIE & FITCH: Last Spring (2012), Bruce Weber, the famous and legendary fashion photographer released a video for a campaign of Abercrombie & Fitch sportswear. The co-operation between the well known photographer and the clothing brand is a long lasting relationship with successful records. Among the models the French Steven Chevrin took … More HOMOEROTIC WRESTLING , by Bruce Weber


This post is about young models, fresh faces. Some skinny, some muscular, some sweet, some cute and some with an angel face and other with a bad boy face… but all of them are attractive, with a lot of sex appeal. At least I think so, don’t hesitate to comment and tell what is your … More YOUNG GUYS , SO HOT

Colors of Nude Men

This post is about Men nudity. Most of the Nude photos are Black and White which is said to bring a more artistic touch to the shots. But they are also less realistic, so I would like to show that colors of the nude men could also match an artistic criteria as well. Just check … More Colors of Nude Men