Matthew Pollock is a young model, he will turn 19 in 2017. Pretty face , nice body, blond air, he looks like a perfect Californian surfer. The young man is a successful sportsman who practiced Rawing and he’s National Champion èTh fastest pair in the country! But in this post we will focus on the handsome … More CALIFORNIAN SWEET GUY


They were inspired by the Emo culture  which is a hardcore and  aggressive melodic music of the mid 80’s. Emo look started to spread among young people between 5 to 10  years ago, as a very sensitive attitude and sophisticated look. They were looking for a look reflecting emotion and enhancing the skinny aspect. There was some ‘Gothic’ appearance too. … More EMO BOYS : A NEW MEN’S GENERATION

Striking pictures of Young Model Abiah Hostved

Abiah Hostvedt, by Matthew Stone for Vogue Hommes Japan Click on the picture for original size In the 2010 Fall issue of Vogue Hommes Japan, the stylist Matthew Josephs has created a striking world which is captured by the photographer Matthew Stone. Abiah Hostvedt is the model. The clothes are from the French stylists Lanvin and Givenchy … More Striking pictures of Young Model Abiah Hostved