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The Gay Side of Life is now among the most viewed gay oriented blog with a large variety of male pictures content.
Even if nude men can be found or same sex partnership situation can be found in the blog, it not our intention to be a gay porn site, we are just on the web to celebrate the beauty of male body and the love between men.

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7 thoughts on “Subscribe Now!

  1. I was born in the 50s and never had the courage to profess my love for the male body. I lived a normal very vanilla heterosexual life, but now with pages like yours I can at least enjoy these beautiful man images. Thank you for allowing those of us who were never able to live the life we wanted to the ability to enjoy these men.


    1. Thanks mickeygrey. Your comment is. great reward for The Gay Side of Life team. One of the aims of the posts we published are exactly what you said: “allowing those of us who were never able to live the life we wanted”. ( Leader B web master.)


  2. Luscious men…so easy to understand the need to first love another man. Only a man knows how to fulfill the need of love, of companionship, of physical contact.


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