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  1. Really? Nicely done? And “Delicious?”. These guys are nothing more than models! Pretending to be “SO in love”. What a joke! If you believe this “Fake News”, this display of only the “Beautiful People”, you are one of the multi-millions of suckers that buy into this kind of crap! Shame on you… If you actually believe you need and want and must find a partner anything like this display of ” Well toned Meat”…good luck to you. Less than 1% of us EVER even come close, let alone actually meet, get to know, spend quality time with…(sorry, I matured in the 1980’s)…anyone of this level of of media packaged “Perfection”. Maybe it’s time to examine one’s value’s!! Look deep inside your heart for what is truly of value to you in another person…Not what brings you the most “in the moment pleasure”.” Instant gradification (sp) takes too long”. God bless you, Carrie Fisher. Your wit is not forgotten. Thank you for my chance to “Rant, or at least speak my mind”. Sincerely, Lester B.


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