This is a series of Japanese warriors, they are Samurai and they are ready to fight, but we can also imagine taking them to release their weapons, drop their armor and make love not war! THE GAY SIDE OF LIFE has already more than 700 posts and 7000 pics of hot and sexy men. More … More NUDE ASIAN WARRIORS


These are men we have a crush for. It happens that we fall in love in a minute when we see the picture of a man or a man with an other person (man or woman). We just want to be either close to him or be the person he is with. This post bring … More MEN WE LOVE


Another series on Men Underwear, this is not a first one, there are already many of them in this blog. But as they are among the most visited posts, so we can’t refrain ourselves to publish regularly new post on men underwear. Enjoy! THE GAY SIDE OF LIFE has already more than 700 posts and … More MEN IN UNDERWEAR


This series of hot guys are really curious to know what you feel when you see their unfasten jeans. Apparently they unzip their pants on purpose as most of them don’t wear any underwear, and even if they don’t have a hard on, they could make you definitively horny! Check now!!!  


Sports is a practice where gays are not welcomed. But things are changing fast and  each year new athletes are making their coming out. For sure when you see how attractive are these sportsmen, it looks like to fall and to love these boys is quite easy. Difficult to resist!