The Boys Love(BL)  Series either on the Web or on the TV are very popular in Thailand. The Series are exported all over Asia where the ancient tradition of same sex love is still in the culture, even if in most of the Asian countries this was declare as a sin and banned under he … More THAI GAY COUPLES


Are you turned on when you see two men kissing? I ask you cause you are viewing a gay blog! For sure the usual question among normal people is just the opposite which means “Are you disgusted when you see two men kissing”. By the way, the new generation is not concerned by same-sex kissing, … More JUST A MEN KISS


Let’s just share some sweet moment of tenderness and love between … same sex couple. It’s to celebrate that the diversity is not so diverse as love remains love … sex no matters.


In this post you will find some cowboys, cute or manly but always sexy… There is also a video featuring these gorgeous men with the soundtrack of the French song “L’Etranger” by Gérald de Palmas. THE VIDEO: L’ETRANGER / THE FOREIGNER GERALD DE PALMAS, THE SINGER Gérald De Palmas (born Gérald Gardrinier, on October 14, … More L’ETRANGER (THE FOREIGNER): SEXY COWBOYS


This is a series of gay couple in search of love..; apparently they found it! Gentle fighting and sweet kissing make these guys in an awesome mood. The clip “Didn’t have a choice” with the soundtrack of Baxter, could say that as they are born this way, there is no choice but to accept their … More BOYS LOVE