Moves like Jagger

This post is brought to you first to share a song with a greater beat and which has met with a great success few months ago. “Moves like Jagger” is a tune from the US band Maroon 5 in duet with Christina Aguilera. It was release as a digital download in June 2011 and performed… More Moves like Jagger


Are you turned on when you see two men kissing? I ask you cause you are viewing a gay blog! For sure the usual question among normal people is just the opposite which means “Are you disgusted when you see two men kissing”. By the way, the new generation is not concerned by same-sex kissing,… More JUST A MEN KISS


  Nothing to say much about these series of pictures of attractive Asian guys. They are all willing to please you by showing their handsome faces, smooth bodies and hot attitudes. Take your time and enjoy seen the guys. Carefull some pictures are NSFW!


Let’s just share some sweet moment of tenderness and love between … same sex couple. It’s to celebrate that the diversity is not so diverse as love remains love … sex no matters.


This is the third post about Asian sexy men, and the selection is mainly of handsome guys from China. Smooth bodies, or strong bodies, all are very attractive and the way they pause very appealing… At the same time you can also discover how homosexuality was considered in China in the past and also nowodays.… More MORE HOT ASIAN MEN