Jordan Paris is an American born model. His lean muscular body is well appreciated in the European Fashion Industry or maybe it is his specific surname which inspires the European designers ? Anyway this guy is in a way vey much charming, and we really appreciate the model for his attractive attitude. THE GAY SIDE … More THE CHARM OF JORDAN


This post is about men that you can meet in the street, they look wild, they have tattoos, they smoke sometime. Their masculine attitude is a way to appear as alpha males, but most of the time the guy has a sweet heart and ready to give a lot of love… You can receive in … More BAD BOYS SEXY MEN


What do you expect to find in a desert? Just dry land covered with stones and sand. Plants are rare, and even humans are difficult to found. But sometime, some guys are challenging the tough conditions of these areas, maybe they like to find something different and more intense than on our normal lands. Here … More MEN IN THE DESERT